One on One Fitness & Nutrition Counseling
(In person and electronic)

Adair Fitness & Nutrition educates individual clients such as celebrities, Olympians and other athletes, as well as weekend warriors and the desk bound.
And why do they seek our help? Because they have decided to change their lives. We work with clients in person, as well as via telephone and email counseling.

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   In Person Nutrition Counseling + Personal Training

Adair Fitness and Nutrition works with clients in their homes, offices, and shopping environments, to help improve their dietary and activity behaviors. We help restructure a client's food environment, design fitness programs, develop self-monitoring tools to improve accountability, and assist with problem solving and relapse prevention

Recent Client comment: "I just want to thank you for your insight and motivation. After trying every diet out there, I had almost given up. With your expertise and individual attention, I not only lost 27 pounds, but have kept it off for over a year. I can't thank you enough." Ellen R.

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We understand our clients are busy and do not always have time to meet in person. Telephone and Internet (e-counseling) is a highly effective way to help you reach your goals and get questions answered in a timely and cost effective fashion. Private e-mail services from a Registered Dietitian and fitness expert include:

   1. Nutrition and fitness program design
   2. Goal setting and problem solving
   3. Nutrition education
   4. Analysis of food and activity diaries
   5. Recipe modification                                

   6. Strategies for dining out
   7. Strategies for vacations
8. Support through plateaus and lapses
   9. Fitness goal progression, and more

These services are all based on our experience and the feedback we get from you. This is
not simply a distribution of formula diets or exercises. These programs are tailored to who you want to be

Recent client comment: "I wasn't sure if e-counseling was for me but I found the convenience and availability to be exactly what I needed. I didn't have to wait until the next appointment to get my questions answered. You were "there" everyday with me! Thanks for helping me finish the marathon and improve my body composition as well!" Anne H.

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