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Dominique has appeared in the national and international media for over 10 years. She is a well recognized health and fitness news analyst and commentator as her warm, charismatic, and motivating personality gives her a magnetic and commanding on-camera persona.

Her credentials in both fitness and nutrition make her the ideal media authority to speak on today’s hottest wellness topics.

Whether reporting on serious medical topics,
government public health recommendations, or reviewing the latest fitness trend, Dominique brings a blend of authority and entertainment to her expert opinion.

Her impressive physical appearance, extensive wellness experience and broadcast training, combine to make Dominique a superb and desirable host, interviewer, guest or narrator.

Media appearances include CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, and Discovery Network.

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If you would like Dominique to be a part of your broadcast please contact:

Dominique Adair has selective experience as a product spokesperson. Her public enthusiasm for products about which she feels strongly lends credibility and important exposure.

Adair Fitness & Nutrition is available to review and endorse quality merchandise and services. If you have a product you would like us to consider, please submit the materials to us at:

Adair Fitness & Nutrition is able to develop proprietary life enhancing products. We have developed dietary programs to accompany a variety of award winning fitness products sold via direct response television, including:

6 Second Abs
         6  Second ABS

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With an excellent reputation in the world of fitness & nutrition, Dominique has been asked by developers of exercise products to design nutrition programs to support their products.

If you are developing a product, or have a concept that requires further development and credibility, Adair Fitness & Nutrition can provide this support.

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