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Healthy employees are more productive, cost less in lost output, and have
higher job satisfaction ratings than unhealthy employees. Adair Fitness & Nutrition has developed workshops and seminars for a variety of corporations. We can deliver a one-time healthy eating seminar, or a complete series of lectures with incentives that compliment your existing employee assistance services and programs.

ďAdair Fitness & Nutrition developed a lunch time lecture series for UHP Healthcare two years ago. We consider this program to be an enormous success with a high adherence rate and excellent evaluations. This year we had 80% of our participants lose weight and 100% report both positive changes in eating and exercise behaviors. We have held this series for two years and itís our highest rated employee assistance program." Laurie Phan, health education manager, UHP healthcare

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These 1 or 2-hour seminars can be delivered to groups as small as 5 or large as 50. Presentation support can include Power Point (LCD Projector), flip chart and/or marker board. Each lecture includes a comprehensive packet of handout materials.

                                             SERIES CLASSES       

                           ( Weekly classes run from 4 - 12 weeks)

12 Weeks to Weight Loss                                                    TOP

This 12-week program is a fun and practical series that focuses on nutrition for weight loss. This course is actionable, entertaining and effective. Goal setting begins in the first lecture and weekly topics include food journaling, label reading, portion awareness, dangers of fad dieting, dining out, and principles of behavior change. The emphasis is on achieving good health through adopting safe, healthful eating habits, losing weight, and maintaining weight loss.

Heart Healthy Eating Month - 4 weeks

Heart disease kills more Americans than any other disease. This 4-week series, reviews the principles of heart healthy eating and helps participants navigate our Super-sized culture without developing heart disease. The emphasis is on helping people adopt eating behaviors that are economical, easy, and reflective of current nutrition research.

Eating for Performance - 4 weeks

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or serious fitness participant, what you eat influences how high you jump and how fast you run. This 4-week lecture series introduces participants to the principles of sports nutrition, and helps athletes, and want-to-be athletes, optimize their training with food choices.

Emotions and Eating - 4 weeks                                              TOP

This 4-week series helps participants explore the link between emotions and food behaviors. “Sometimes it’s easier to eat a problem than solve it," says program developer Dominique Adair. This series helps participants identify the trigger feelings – sad, angry, stressed, anxious, discouraged, etc. – that often lead to using food as an emotional escape. Exercises are presented to help class members identify alternative coping mechanisms to replace emotional eating.


   Additional single lecture topics include:

• Bone Health • Diabetes • Cancer Prevention
       • Avoiding Hypertension • Food Labels • Vegetarianism
Fads and Fraud • Exercise

     If you don’t see it here, let us know a topic of  interest to your      employees and we will be pleased to create a lecture just for you

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