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Adair Fitness & Nutrition develops and delivers programming in a variety of fitness education arenas. A certified exercise instructor and frequent presenter at national and international fitness conventions, Dominique Adair has an unparalleled reputation with fitness professionals as a nutritionist that understands sports and fitness.

                      Fitness Education Lecture Topics

    All lectures are approved for ACE, AFAA, NASM, and SCW Fitness Education                      continuing education credits (CECs) for complete contact hours.

              Lectures must be supported by LCD projector, screen and flip chart.

Eight-hour Specialty Certificates: ( 8 ACE, 8 AFAA, 8 NASM, 8 SCW )

These comprehensive all-day courses are designed to immerse the fitness professional in nutrition. The courses include a manual and a self-scored comprehension exam

Sports Nutrition Specialty Certificate

This eight-hour course provides nutrition information specific to concerns of fitness professionals. Concepts of energy and performance enhancement, supplementation fat loss are all covered in this intensive eight-hour class. Course manual is included.

Weight Loss Specialty Certificate

This eight-hour course delivers the current science on weight control including genetic contributions and the complicated impact of the environment. The role of the personal trainer is emphasized with actionable, practical information on how to help your fitness class members and personal training clients achieve and maintain a healthy weigh

                              Workshops and Lectures

                 These shorter lectures can be adjusted according
to your needs,
                                            from 1-hour to 4-hour sessions

         | Eat to Perform | Why your clients are still fat | Can I tell them what to eat |

                | Just tell me what to eat |
What's a carb? | Feed me - I'm yours |

| Fighting cancer with food  |  Mirror, mirror on the wall | Pasta makes you fat and more |

              | The female nutrition challenge | No bones about it! | What's next?

Eat to Perform

Jump higher, sprint faster, lift heavier. Whether you’re an endurance athlete or a bodybuilder, we all know that what you eat can dramatically impact your performance. From a Registered Dietitian who is also a certified fitness instructor, this lecture explains how duration, intensity, degree of conditioning, diet composition, and nutrient timing can impact your performance.

Why your clients are still fat

Do you get this question? Do you know how to answer it? One of the most rapidly evolving and widely debated nutrition topics, weight loss is on everyone’s mind. It would take you months just to sift through the facts and fiction of the latest weight loss claims. This lecture does that for you. Adair presents up-to-the-minute research on weight control including genetics, environment, dieting, metabolism, and more.

Can I tell them what to eat?

They ask you the questions. Should you give them the answers? From a fellow fitness professional who is also a Registered Dietitian, this lecture discusses the legal, ethical, and practical components of nutrition advice and weight loss counseling in the fitness arena. Understand scope of practice, expand your professional services, and preserve your credibility.

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Just tell me what to eat

This explicitly practical lecture addresses the nutrition concerns of on-the-go fitness professionals -- How much, when, where, and how to eat and how to organize it. This very no-nonsense lecture from a veteran fitness instructor, who is also a Registered Dietitian, includes favorite food finds, meal planning strategies, and much more.

Feed me - I'm yours!

We eat approximately 50,000,000 calories in our lifetime. How many of these contribute to keeping us healthy? This lecture examines the diet/disease relationship, including nutrient density, phytohochemicals and other connections between nutrients and chronic illnesses. Stay on the cutting edge of diet and disease prevention with this lecture that includes recommendations for dietary change and examines the ever-expanding role of nutraceuticals.

What's a carb?

Is white bread a simple carb? What's "bad" cholesterol? Where do I find fiber? This lecture reviews the basics of nutrition. A must for fitness professionals who want to really understand nutrition fundamentals. It reviews the identity of carbohydrate, fats, and protein, digestion and metabolism, and the primary functions they perform in good health.

Fighting Cancer with Food

This research driven lecture uses the latest studies to explain what science really knows about cancer causation, risk reduction and dietary prevention. Topics include cancer initiation, epidemiological principles, dietary factors: healthful and harmful nutrients, the influence of body weight, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and the future direction of cancer prevention with nutrition.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Fitness instructors are especially vulnerable to hypercriticism of body shape, size, and eating habits in an environment famous for nutrition misinformation. This lecture covers definitions of eating disorders and the accompanying complex attitudes and coping strategies that focus on body shape and weight. Most importantly, the presenter discusses what fitness professionals can do to nourish healthy thinking in themselves, their colleagues, their class members plus clients.

Pasta makes you fat and more!

Fitness floor falsehoods exposed! Leave the age of misinformation after this lecture which illuminates some of the most common fitness floor fabrications -- from nutrition and fitness fraud, to faddism and quackery. Fight fiction with fact and learn how to explain it in authoritative terms to members and clients.

The Female Nutrition Challenge

Are women just small men? No. This lecture examines health and nutrition issues specific to women. Practical information is stressed, including teaching women how to eat for maximum health by learning how to evaluate their diet and develop healthy eating skills. Topics include: osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, weight management, PMS/PMDD, and menopause.

No Bones About it!

Up to one-third of women will be diagnosed with osteoporosis, with complications that are painful, disfiguring and debilitating. Additionally, men, athletes and chronic dieters, are also at risk. This lecture focuses on research development, diagnostics, preventive, and treatment modalities. Topics include: bone physiology, risk factors, preventive exercise, diet and supplementation, diagnostic tests and techniques, pharmaceutical therapy, and much more.

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What’s Next?

Do you consider yourself at the top of your field but are still seeking more professional and personal challenges? This lecture is designed to help you expand your role and influence in the rapidly growing field of wellness.

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